The Silence Project

In an attempt to challenge myself, I set myself the brief of visualising silence in the context of 'The Festival of Sound'

Everything that we see, read, hear, smell and feel is a fragment of reality that gains new meaning when observed in context. Just as a book cannot be published without spaces between the words, music cannot be appreciated without silence. On this premise, an imaginary music festival, titled The Festival Of Sound dedicates an area to silence and commissions for a series of illustrations that visualise silence. With this in mind the aim of the project is to create a series of vibrant and challenging poster illustrations that in some way reflect silence and its role in our lives. Held at the Southbank Centre in London, the festival attracts a diverse and culturally aware audience in search of intellectual stimulation.

These final posters, a series of four images, depict a specific aspect of silence. Each image is monochrome in order to emphasise that silence is the lack of sound. The sound waves appear in the ‘Drummer’ and the ‘Forest’ to show how silence and sound go hand-in-hand. Neither can exist without the other. The ‘Kiss’ image encapsulates the essence of silence most successfully, while ‘Shh’ visualises how our minds struggle with noise even though noise is the source of a lot of fun. The colours have been chosen to complement each other, all having a slightly muted tone in order to reduce the noise in the images, but still quite vibrant to create contrast with the white space on the posters.