Secret London

Poster design for the competition title 'Secret London' celebrating the everyday Victorian heroes of the Watts Memorial in Postman's Park, London.
Watts Memorial Illustration about Victorian everyday heroes_fullimage

The subject of my poster is Postman’s Park, a small hidden garden in the middle of the City of London enclosed with modern buildings. It hosts the Watts Memorial, which is a wall of tiles commemorating ordinary people who have committed the ultimate extraordinary act of giving their lives to save others’. The memorial states G. F. Watts’ quote next to it: “The material prosperity of a nation is not an abiding possession; the deeds of its people are.” The stories that the tiles reveal undoubtedly raise questions about the values of modern times, particularly those of the world of business which surrounds the park. Having just two narrow entrances, the garden is easily missed by passers-by, which makes it an ideal subject for this brief.

I aimed to bring together these layers of meaning through the concept of using ordinary flowers that create an extraordinary space where, despite the hectic streets of the business district outside, peace and a place for reflection is found.

Watts Memorial Illustration about Victorian everyday heroes_detailWatts Memorial Illustration about Victorian everyday heroes_on_tiled_background