Scotland on the Film Map

In a recent creative endeavour, I had the privilege of creating a series of map illustrations for Scottish Field magazine. These maps serve as a visual guide to the plentiful film destinations scattered across the enchanting landscape of Scotland. Published in the September edition of the magazine, these illustrations are to inspire unforgettable autumn breaks for readers seeking both adventure and cinematic appeal.

While researching this project, I discovered so many places that had not known about and I became very aware of the Scotland’s rich cultural and natural heritage – there is so much to see! However, of course, at the heart of this project is Scotland’s film heritage. These map illustrations aim to provide geographical guides, navigational guides and most importantly, they are hoping to serve fun moments of the breath-taking Scottish scenery. From the mystical ruins of ancient castles to the untamed wilderness, the illustrations celebrate the beautiful backdrop that has set the stage for countless cinematic masterpieces.

Whether you are a film enthusiast, aspiring to visit the iconic locations from your favourite movies, or an traveller eager to explore the untamed landscapes that have graced the movie screen, these illustrations offer a guide for your next Scottish adventure. They encourage you to follow in the footsteps of cinematic legends and create your own memorable moments against the backdrop of Scotland’s beautiful scenery.

Travel magazines ultimately encourage adventure and getting out. While creating these illustration, I was hoping to bridge the gap between reality and cinema. Whether you’re planning a trip or simply seeking a glimpse into Scotland’s cinematic soul, join me on this visual journey through the pages of the September edition.

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