King Prawns in a Garlic Sauce

An illustrated seafood recipe about a meal that I no longer eat as I’m becoming more and more of a vegetarian. It brings up wonderful memories of the times when I lived in the Canary Island for a while with lots of lovely people. Food is often dismissed when talking about cultural heritage but in actual fact, eating is such a large part of our life and probably defines us more than we give it credit.

As a child I had no interest in food. I used to think of it as a burden that we all had to bear (wasting lots of time each day!). When I became a teenager, I met some lovely people (who I then travelled to the Canary Islands with) and they introduced me to food in a different way. Suddenly, food was an experience, an inspiration for the senses as well as a cultural experience – especially because of the variety of it I was exposed to.

Since then I’ve become a great appreciator of food. I did a personal project a few years back about the environmental problems that eating meat proposes on the planet (you can take a look here: and recently I’ve stopped eating fish and seafood too.

This is the second of my illustrated recipes – more is on the way! This recipe was inspired by the happy meal prompt set by the great people at .

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